Unburied Images

A few years back I attended Uni in Chicago. Obsessed with my venerable minolta 35mm camera, I would poke my head outside the classroom regularly to soak in the summer heat in the city. 

Technology be damned, I lost a lot of my prints. All I was left with tiny representations of the actual images themselves. Nonetheless, when I discovered them, unburied again...a swell of nostalgia rushed into me. Ideas of when life was a little simpler. When you can stand under fountain waters to escape heat and not give two cents about what people thought. 

I love the grain of film. The visible tactility of it. Here are some images from my days in Chicago, years living in China, dead trees in Arizona, and blurry roller coaster nights. 

Perhaps its time to dust off the minolta and give her a few clicks, for memory's  sake.