"Murmurations" 2016, Paper, Polyurethane, Wire.  

"Murmurations" 2016, Paper, Polyurethane, Wire.  

Inspired by the flight patterns of starling birds, I decided to explore the concept of meditation through repetition of action. The sculpture has 7,000 individual units of paper, each working together to create a cohesive body.  Each individual folded paper acts as a stroke towards meditation, working together collectively towards beauty. Through incessant repetition, the work allows the conscious to rest, and the subconscious to be free. The work builds the tension in the floor, as distraction can pull away from the freedom found above.  


Public Kintsugi
Gold Mica Powder, Gesso Medium, Resin.

I decided to perform Kintsugi on the cracks in New York City. I used Gold, being that it is the most precious materials we know, reflecting the preciousness of blood. Filling in each crack in the sidewalk was a meditative experience. Each crack had a history. Each broken concrete slab was a story of New York City. Slowly, in a subtle and gentle way, the gold began to leak through and repair the brokenness. Each work was a prayer, gently asking for completion of a work that I never saw the start of, and may never see the end of, but still have a hand in pouring out what little gold I have to build the city. It is a beacon of radical self-sacrifice in a society that begs us to find inward meaning. It is allowing what is precious to me to be stepped on in an effort to bring beauty into the world.

In fact, it reminded in part of the philosophy Wabi-Sabi, focusing on the idea of the temporal and imperfect being handled with beauty and restoration. In the art of Kintsugi, when an object is broken, it is not discarded. Rather it is repaired. The cracks of the object are filled in with Gold. This precious and beautiful material makes new and useful what was once broken and decommissioned, while also embracing the pain of the past. It is both redemptive and humbling.


The installation revolves around ideas of hope and loss. The juxtaposition of "man made" and "nature" highlight the common human struggle: to be loved and be accepted; and the pain of finding it in temporal objects or people